Centre for Culture &
                Disability Studies  

Our Seminar Series

The Voice of Disability

18th Dec 2013– Cleavings: Critical Losses and Deaf Gain. Michael Davidson (University of California, San Diego, USA) 

15th Jan 2014– Creative/Critical Research: The Poem sequence ‘Phantom/Sex Ontology’. Cath Nichols (University of Leeds, UK)

12th Feb 2014– Oneself as Another:  The Problem of ‘Voice’ in Alzheimer’s Life Writing. Lucy Burke (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

12th Mar 2014– Narrating Disability Inside and Outside the Clinic: Or, Beyond Empathy. G. Thomas Couser (Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, USA) 

21st May 2014– The Reality and Rhetoric of Pupil Voice: Exploring the Educational Journeys of Young People Labelled with Behavioural, Emotional, and Social Difficulties. Marie Caslin (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

25th Jun 2014– Young DaDa: Evaluating Participation in the Arts. Claire Penketh (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

15th July 2014– Crip Displacements: Voices of Disability, Neoliberalism, and Resistance. Robert McRuer (George Washington University, USA)

8th Oct 2014– Manifest Pleasures: Litany, Utopia, and Literary Autism. Julia Miele Rodas (Bronx Community College/CUNY, USA)

12th Nov 2014– Discourses, Decisions, Designs: An international comparative analysis of “special” educational policy making. Jessica Chong (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

17th Dec 2014– It’s Not Gibberish: ‘Disabled’ Voices in Literature for Young People. Chloë Hughes (Western Oregon University, USA)

14th Jan 2015– It Must Be Simple: The Supreme Fiction at the Core of the Backlash to Access Debate. David Feeney (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

11th Feb 2015– Authorship and the voice of disability in dance. Mathilde Pavis and Kate Marsh (Coventry University, UK)

11th Mar 2015– Which Theory of Democracy for an Inclusive Society? A Pragmaticist Approach. David Doat (Catholic University of Lille, France)

6th May 2015 – The Stories We Tell: The Americans with Disabilities Act After 25 Years. Lennard J. Davis (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)

17th Jun 2015 – ‘Working together for positive outcomes’: The Appropriation of Voice and Participation in SEN policy. Claire Penketh (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

13th Jan 2016 – The unseeing eye: Disability and the hauntology of Derrida’s ghost. A story in three parts. Alan Hodkinson (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

10 Feb 2016 – Two Voices and Disability, a Voice of Inscription and a Voice of Re-Constitution. Tom Campbell (University of Leeds, UK)

2 Mar 2016 – Unexpected Anatomies: Extraordinary Bodies in Contemporary Art. Ann M. Fox (Davidson College, USA)

20 Apr 2016 – “The President has been shot”: Reagan, Wounded Heroes and the Cyborg Soldier in American Science Fiction of the 1980s. Sue Smith (University of Leicester, UK)

25 May 2016 – Tales from the Crip: Narrative Reconstructions of the Storyteller’s Disabled Male Body in Contemporary Gothic Fiction. Alan Gregory (Lancaster University, UK)

29 Jun 2016 – Voices of Becoming. Laura Waite (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

These seminars are held at 2:15-3:45 in the EDEN building, Liverpool Hope University, United Kingdom. 

Admission is free and all are welcome.