Centre for Culture & Disability Studies

Transformative Difference 2011

Keynote speakers:

Len Barton (University of London)
Fiona Kumari Campbell (Griffith University)
Dan Goodley (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Stuart Murray (University of Leeds)

It is now widely recognised that a critical engagement with disability has the power to transform how we research and teach in a range of disciplinary areas – from education to medicine to the humanities and beyond. At the same time, conceptions of disability (and ability) are constantly changing, with shifting attitudes, new models, and the work of activists and educators to create a more equal society. This multidisciplinary conference seeks to explore how disability may function as a “transformative difference” in the academy, as well as how changing attitudes toward disability might have an impact on a range of subject areas.

Transformative Difference 2011 is the focus of a JLCDS comment (6.1) by Tom Coogan (University of Birmingham).