Centre for Culture & Disability Studies

The Symposium of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies

As JLCDS approached its 10th anniversary and Literary Disability Studies started publishing its 1st run of books, the CCDS endeavoured to sustain this progress in the field by hosting the Symposium of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies. This was a unique opportunity to explore and exchange new ideas about cultural representations and theories of disability. The premise was that the symposium would provide a space to develop work that ultimately would be submitted to the journal, the book series, or related venues around the world.

Chaired by Claire Penketh, Alongside Ria Cheyne the UK speakers included Cath Nichols (University of Leeds), Clare Deal (Newcastle University), Dorothy Lehane (University of Kent), Sumaira Khalid Naseem and Lucy Burke (Manchester Metropolitan University), Alex Tankard (University of Chester), and Sue Smith (University of Leicester). Also welcomed were overseas speakers Andrew Sydlik (Ohio State University), Makiko Iseri (University of Tokyo), and James Casey (National University of Ireland).

Some of the event is available on the CCDS YouTube channel..

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