Centre for Culture &
                Disability Studies  

Liverpool Hope Foundation Hour: From Formation to Transformation - The Role of a University.

Tackling Avoidance in the Academy

Date: May 2, 2012
Time: 1-2pm
Place: EDEN 130, Liverpool Hope University
Dr. David Bolt, Centre for Culture & Disability Studies

What is the role of a university? That is the question set for us by the Dean of education and this paper ventures a short answer. The role of a university is to bring together people and disciplines in the common goal of learning, with mutual respect and a deliberate shift away from all forms of prejudice. Positing an academic exemplar, the disciplines on which the paper focuses are disability studies and cultural studies, and the form of prejudice to which it refers is ableism – that is, prejudice specifically aimed at people who are disabled. All are welcome to attend this Foundation Hour that sketches out a way forward for the academy that is fully appreciative of disability.