Centre for Culture &
                Disability Studies  

Centre for Culture & Disability Studies

Faculty of Education, Liverpool Hope University

Centre for culture and
          disability studiesDisability, in the field of education, is often conceptualised along the lines of accessibility and/or Special Educational Needs. While critical engagement with these issues is certainly encouraged and supported, the main focus of the Centre for Culture & Disability Studies is on challenging and changing all aspects of dehumanising practice, on fully acknowledging the ontology and epistemology of people who are disabled. This focus often pertains to the content of courses, the dire need for curricular reform. Whether we work in schools, colleges, or universities, there can be no denying that disability is represented extensively in the cultural artefacts on which so many of our lessons and courses are based, yet the critical engagement with these representations is frequently absent from the curriculum. The result for disabled learners is inclusion without profundity: the result for learners in general is an inherently deficient knowledge base. This state of affairs reveals a multitude of practical and theoretical issues about not only learning and teaching, but also identity, culture, society, prejudice, embodiment, terminology, discourse, attitudes, representation, personhood, and so on.  Disability, therefore, has interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary relevance even within the field of education.

The Centre for Culture & Disability Studies hosts and/or endorses a growing array of internationally recognised courses, publications, research projects, events, series, networks, and affiliations.

Dr. David Bolt, Director and Associate Professor
E-mail: boltd@hope.ac.uk
Telephone: 0151 291 3346

Core Members:
Mrs Deborah Baldwin, Associate Tutor baldwid@hope.ac.uk
Dr. Owen Barden, Senior Lecturer bardeno@hope.ac.uk
Dr. Ana Bê Pereira, Lecturer pereira@hope.ac.uk
Dr. Marie Caslin, Lecturer oconnom@hope.ac.uk
Dr Ria Cheyne, Lecturer cheyner@hope.ac.uk
Ms Harriet Dunn, Doctoral Student 11001413@hope.ac.uk
Dr. David Feeney, Lecturer feeneyd@hope.ac.uk
Dr Manel Herat, Lecturer heratm@hope.ac.uk
Dr. Alan Hodkinson, Associate Professor hodkina@hope.ac.uk
Ms Ella Houston, Associate Tutor houstoe@hope.ac.uk
Ms Heidi Mapley, Academic and Editorial Support Worker dbsw@hope.ac.uk
Dr. Claire Penketh, Head of Department and Principal Lecturer penketc@hope.ac.uk
Dr Erin Pritchard, Associate Tutor pritche@hope.ac.uk
Ms Irene Rose, Associate Tutor rosei@hope.ac.uk
Ms Laura Waite, Lecturer and Doctoral Candidate waitel@hope.ac.uk
Ms Gesine Wegner, Visiting Doctoral Student 16009934@hope.ac.uk

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